What is a health certificate at CBR in The Netherlands?

health certificate at CBR

What does health certification at CBR actually mean?

From the moment you get your driver’s license, you naturally start participating in traffic. This can be a lot of fun, but it is also a great responsibility. After all, close attention must be paid to your own safety, but also to that of others. For this reason, it is mandatory to request a health certificate from the CBR before taking the practical exam. This is because it is mandatory to be healthy enough to safely participate in traffic. This is verified by such a health certificate. It shows that you can indeed participate in traffic.

How does the health certificate request go?

Well before the practical exam, your driving instructor will tell you that you need to apply for a health certificate. You can very easily apply for this yourself at the CBR. When you apply make sure you apply at the CBR’s official website. The CBR is the only organization allowed to approve the health certificate. The health declaration was first called the “self-declaration” and for good reason of course. When you apply for this declaration, you are asked a number of questions about your health that you have to fill in truthfully. On the basis of this information, CBR gets a picture of your health and can decide whether to approve your application for the health certificate or whether other steps should be taken to determine whether you are indeed fit to drive. Find out here if you can drive a car if you have ADD or ADHD.

What if you disagree?

Of course, it is still possible that the CBR may reject your application for a health certificate. If you disagree, there are two things you can do. You can request a re-examination, in which case they will re-evaluate your application for the health certificate. The other option is to file an objection.

How much does a health certificate cost at CBR?

Of course, you don’t just get this health certificate from the CBR for free; there are of course costs involved. In 2022, the health certificate now costs €41.50. You pay this in order to contribute to the costs incurred by the CBR for this.

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