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Do you notice that you have lost your confidence behind the wheel? Or that you take the car less often for fear of possible accidents, or difficulties? Then a refresher course is for you! During your refresher course we explain everything clearly. So that you can get back into the car confidently and safely as soon as possible! When do you need a refresher course:
  • People who are afraid to drive in crowded places
  • People afraid to go on highway
  • People who can't park
  • People who don't remember the right of way rules
  • People afraid of narrow streets
  • People who have difficulty with vehicle handling

Take the first step to drive in Rotterdam

Driving a car into traffic can create complicated, confusing and sometimes even dangerous situations. It is therefore not at all surprising that as you get older or spend less time in the car, self-confidence slowly disappears. It can then sometimes be a huge hurdle to re-enter the busy and confusing world of traffic!
In all these cases, doing a course is the solution for you! Driving school OMW, offers low priced refresher course Rotterdam packages, so you can be back on the road in no time full of confidence, and reacquired knowledge! This is what we offer:
  • Professional personal guidance
  • Home pick up and home drop off
  • Specializing in driving anxiety classes
  • Affordable lessons
  • Refresher Training for Seniors

What is a refresher course

Sounds good, but what exactly does a refresher course in Rotterdam entail? Packages vary by driving school, of course. Generally, a course consists of a set of driving lessons where you go out with an experienced instructor and go over everything again. All basic components such as parking, highway driving, mirror adjustment, etc. are covered again.
Because a refresher course Rotterdam is purely for yourself and therefore not tied to an exam, there is extremely much room for personalization and details. So you can usually explain to the driving school where your fears. Or problem areas. So that you can practice specifically those parts of driving again. This means instructors can go into much more specific details. And therefore can pay more attention to the actual driving instead of getting ready for the practical exam!
So all in all, a course is the way to put aside your fears, and find the joy in the car again. Which, of course, is essential for everyday life! In all probability, a refresher course will be one of the most effective driving lessons you have ever had. Because of the opportunities to go into endless details, because of the lack of an exam. In short, a small price to pay to get over all your fears and drastically simplify your daily life!
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