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The ideal step-by-step plan to obtain your driving license with driving school Rotterdam OMW

  • Trial driving lesson
    Trial lessons
    Put on your seat belt because your first driving experience starts during the trial lesson with us. You will be introduced to the vehicle and your instructor.
  • Advice
    Driving instructor gives advice
    During the trial driving lesson, your driving behavior will be assessed by the driving instructor. You will be told approximately how many driving lessons you need based on your driving behavior.
  • Driving lessons
    following driving lessons in Rotterdam
    This is where the real work begins for the lessons. You will be accompanied to a driver who can drive safely on the road, driving according to the guidelines of CBR.
  • Driving test
    Driving test final results
    For a higher chance of success, it is recommended to take an interim test first with us. If you do not think such a test is desirable, you can take a practical exam when you are ready.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start with the lessons?
We do not have a waiting list. You can start a week after registration. (sometimes it can also be earlier).
Can I also be picked up elsewhere than at home?
Yes, that's possible. For example, you can also be picked up from your school or from the station. It is wise to use your lessons from Rotterdam.
How many lessons do I need?
An average student needs between 35 and 40 lessons. This is a national average. It therefore differs per student. After a number of driving lessons, your instructor can estimate the approximate number of lessons you will need. That remains an estimate, because you never know what will come your way during the training. You may need more or less lessons than initially expected.
How is the payment for driving lessons going?
When you pay for your driving lessons in cash, you do this every time after your driving lesson. If you use a lesson package, you pay the amount due in installments via the bank. The first term is prior to the start of your study, your second term is halfway through your study. You will receive a separate invoice for installments. Other options are also possible in consultation.
I already have experience driving a car, can I still take lessons?
Yes you can take driving lessons even if you have experience with driving. It is important to drive according to the rules of CBR and we will work on that.
Is a trial lesson free?
Yes, you pay for it in cash (€40) in the car first and you get it back from us as an extra discount in your package or in a lesson if you stay with us.

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Are you ready for the driving school Rotterdam?

We are located in Rotterdam. We have been serving you valuable driver candidates for many years. With our experienced and expert instructors. For our trainees to be successful in the driver’s license exams. We provide the necessary training during the designated hours and ensure that they receive successful results from the driver’s license exams. We are ambitious in the Driving School Rotterdam region with our Rijschool omw. Which has become a brand in the sector. We closely follow the developing and self-renewing technology every day and offer the best training opportunities for our trainees.

Thanks to the latest model training tools we use, we give our driver candidates success in driving techniques and enable them to participate in traffic confidently. We provide high standards of service with our package programs. And training methods that include advanced driving techniques. You also can get drivin lessons in Dutch in Rijschool Rotterdam

Free trial lesson

FREE LESSON! Before registering for our school, you can take advantage of our trial lesson opportunities. So you can get detailed information about our course. You can also register for our school after the trial course. Then our trial lesson will be free of charge for you. Thanks to the qualifications and quantities of our course, you can get your driver’s license as soon as possible. And get a place in traffic as a confident driver. Also check our all reviews on google

Package Options

Our school, which maintains its leadership among driving courses in Rotterdam province. It has become a brand in the sector. We offer many package options to our esteemed driver candidates. First, depending on the request of our trainees, we determine our course hours together and determine the model that suits you best. A course hour set for our trainees consists of 50 minutes. Our school provides driving training between 15 and 25 hours. A student needs an average of 36/40 hours of class to succeed in the driver’s License Exam. Fees vary according to the package determined according to you. You can review our price table to get detailed price information.

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