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Why we are the best driving school?

Years of experience

Our driving instructors have extensive experience in teaching. They are good at identifying problems, think in terms of solutions and are known for the lessons that offer good value. We are chosen for our high and consistent quality!

Everyone is unique

Every student has his / her way of learning, planning and communicating. That's why we adapt the lesson content, flexibility and preparation of the driving instructor to each student at the desired pace. Thanks to the unique learning method intended for you, you will not lose any extra time and money, because we will immediately get to work effectively!

Teaching method recommended by CBR

Our driving lessons have a fixed structure:

- Learn to drive a car step by step in four modules
- Four test moments during the entire driver training course, the last two of which with the CBR examiner
- Working with an instruction card showing the development of driver training
- Extra good preparation for your practical exam

Unique technique

With us you are not a number, but a valuable student who wants to be prepared for the practical exam as effectively as possible. That is why we apply a unique technique that is not used by other driving schools in the area.

Special attention to performance anxiety, autism or AD (H) D

Our driving instructors are specialized in dealing with students who suffer from performance anxiety, autism or AD (H) D. We offer all possibilities for students who need an extra boost.

Videos of exam routes

We try to guide students in the best way so that they get the chance to succeed in one go. We record exam routes and share them on Youtube. We also make personal videos of the daily routes and send them to students. This gives the students the opportunity to review and evaluate the route they have driven. This results in fewer, but more effective lessons.

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