Can you take the driving lessons and the test when you are pregnant in Netherlands at CBR?

driving lessons and pragnancy

Almost everyone wants to get his or her driver’s license at some point. Most people start this around age 17, but there are also plenty of people who prefer to put it off for a while. Similarly, there are women who want to take driving lessons, but then become pregnant. This often leads to many doubts for a woman, because is it okay to take driving lessons when you are pregnant? Are there any rules for this? What about the exam? In the article below we give you all the answers to the questions regarding driving lessons when you are pregnant.

Are you allowed to take driving lessons during pregnancy in Dutch roads?

Good news for everyone who still wants to get her driver’s license during pregnancy: you can just take driving lessons while you are pregnant! It is very understandable and convenient if you would like to get your driver’s license when you have given birth to a child, and this is not hindered by all kinds of rules.

When you take driving lessons during pregnancy, you obviously have 9 months before you have your child, but can you continue driving lessons when you are heavily pregnant? This is fortunately allowed! However, this does come with a fairly simple and logical rule. You may take driving lessons throughout your pregnancy until the day before your due date. Here it is of course important that you also pay attention to how you feel, but if you want it yourself and feel good enough, you may just take driving lessons and the exam during the full 9 months (minus the last day).

Can you take the practical exam during pregnancy at CBR?

However, many women still wonder if they can take the practical exam during their pregnancy at CBR, and they can! The same rules apply here. Of course, you may not take the practical exam on your due date, although many people will not want to plan it that way either, and you must feel well enough.

Many women experience unpleasant side effects during pregnancy. For example, back pain, nausea, a hard abdomen or a weak bladder. All these problems can make driving lessons a lot less pleasant and this is often not a good idea. Just cancel your driving lessons on time if you find that you are suffering from these side effects. This is the safest option for everyone and you won’t waste money on driving lessons where you can’t perform at your best.

When is the best time to take driving lessons if you are pregnant?

Of course, if you would like to get your driver’s license during pregnancy, this is no problem at all. However, it is recommended that you take your driving lessons as early as possible in your pregnancy and then finish your driving as early as possible. On the one hand, this is obviously due to the possibility of side effects, but it is also to ensure that you have the driver’s license before you give birth. On average, a woman stays home for 2 months after giving birth before resuming driving lessons. During this time, however, you would already forget a lot and that would just be a waste. So try to get your driver’s license as early as possible!

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