How much does a driving license cost on average in the Netherlands?

cost of a driving license

Do you want to know how much it costs to get your driving license? Use our explanation with a calculation example here. This example assumes that you get your license in one go and that there are no extra administration costs. The calculation is based on average prices in The Netherlands

Driving license price tag

The following calculation example is intended to give you an indication of the average total cost of getting your driver’s license. The first step is to determine how many lessons you need to pass at once. The CBR reports that you will need an average of 39 driving lessons to complete your driver education. Everyone is unique and the number of lessons may vary from person to person.

According to the CBR the driving schools in the Netherlands charge an average of €42.00 per lesson ( you pay less with us, check the prices.)These driving schools drive 50 to 60 minutes per lesson. In total, you spend €1.638,00 (39 lessons x €42,00 per lesson) on the driving lessons.

Some driving schools offesr trial lessons for around €50 for an hour. We also give trial lessons if you decide to continue with our driving school Rotterdam.


How much does a theory exam cost for your 2021 driver’s license

In addition to the driving test, you also have to pass the theory exam. You have two options to prepare for this theory exam. The first option is to buy a book yourself and learn at home. This requires discipline, but it is a very effective method. For this option, you pay approximately €50.00 for your books and € 37.00 for the theory exam.

The second option is to take a crash course in which you are trained on the basis of the comparable exam questions. This option is for those who don’t want to do a tutorial. The costs of such a crash course are approximately € 120.00 including the theory exam.

Driving test costs in 2021

To take your driving test, you must first request a health certificate. There are also costs associated with this. A health certificate, also known as a Health Check , costs € 39.30.

It is important to note, however, that the costs of all the exams you have to pay to the CBR went up by 5.8% in 2021. For example, the cost of a driving test for a passenger car is €120.00. However, the amount for the driving test is different at a driving school. In this case, you pay for car rental and administration costs extra for the driving school. On average, students in the Netherlands pay €250.00 to their driving school to take the practical exam.

How much does a driver’s license cost?

To return to the question of how much does a driving license costs, take a look at the following overview. These fees are used by the CBR for the exams:

Driving test  (B) € 120,00
Theory exam (B) € 37,00
Health Statement € 39.30

So to get your driving license in one try you will pay the following amount based on the national average prices:

Driving lessons: € 1.638,00
Theory book: € 50,00
Theory exam: € 37,00
Driving test: € 250,00
Health Statement: € 39.30
Total cost driving license: € 2.014,30

This is an estimate for an average student who gets his/her driving license in the Netherlands. It may be that you need more or fewer lessons. At driving school Omw we use lower prices than the national average prices. For lessons so you spend less to get your license. Do not wait, register or contact us if you have any questions.



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