10 Tips to Pass your Driving Test With A Driving School

Pass your Driving Test

Pass your driving test an become a real driver. By paying attention to only 10 tips in this guide that we have prepared for you. Get ready with your driving school so you can easily get your driver’s license. So, what are these ten tips? Let’s take a look at what you need to know about it!

1 –Plenty of Practice

The most important rule to be successful in the driving test phase is to practice a lot. Because the more you get used to the traffic rules and driving, the lower your failure rate. This eliminates the problems you will experience during the exam. For a successful exam phase, we recommend you to practice a lot! It is important to choose the right driving school in Rotterdam

2-Know The Area, Drive More With Your Driving School

Practical exams take place on a specific route. That is why the better the candidate who gets a driving license knows the route, the easier he/she will succeed. As a candidate  practice often in order to get to know the road thoroughly. Here we have some good news for you. Because during the driving lessons we record the exam routes. This way we want to help students who struggle with memorizing routes. With this you can refresh your memory and memorize driven routes. You can go directly to our youtube channel

3 – Adjust Your Car before the Driving Test

This might seem stupid, but if you’re not sitting comfortably behind the wheel, you might even fail your exam. Before the driving test you need to adapt your car to yourself.  This will increase the comfort while driving. After getting in the car, turn off things that distract you, such as the radio, music and focus on making the necessary adjustments. Some people like listening to music while driving. So try to create your own driving style where you can safely hit the road. Last but not least, don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt!


4-Obey the Speed Limits

You need to know that you have to follow the traffic rules during the driving test. Therefore, the essential detail to pay attention to is the speed limit. Because if you don’t stick to the speed limit, there is a big chance that you won’t pass the exam. If it is specified that you have to drive at a certain speed, then you have to do the same. So if the road is 50 km per hour then you should not drive 45 or 65 km per hour. Try to drive in between. Not too much and not too less. This is good for your traffic flow and good way to pass the practical exam. Before you take your practical exam, we advise you to go through the theory again.

5-Stop At All Stop Signs

Running a red light is one of the most significant rule errors in traffic. Therefore, you should pay attention to the red lights and not violate the rules. Otherwise, you may need to repeat the practical exam. Because passing a red light in the exam is one of the biggest reasons you are considered unsuccessful in the exam. Many people don’t take this seriously. If you see from a distance that the traffic lights are jumping on orange, you should already assume that you have to stop. Don’t take any risks! This does not count If the traffic lights are close by and it just jumps to orange, you can keep on driving. Please note that this is a grey area. So use your instinct.

Take a good look at your theory before you take the practical exam. That’s going to help you to take all the signs in your head one more time. So that there is less chance that no sign will be missed.

6-Do Not Forget To Use Indicators

You must use your turn signals to alert other drivers before maneuvering in traffic. But turn signals are often forgotten or neglected. That means drivers endanger other drivers in traffic. If you don’t want to have a problem with driving testing, you should remember the signals. This also counts if you are on the highway or in a roundabout. Every time you turn right or left, you have to indicate your direction.

7-Learn How to Parallel Park With Your Driving School

One of the most critical issues related to driving exams is parallel parking. Because this is the stage where people who want to get their driver’s license stress the most. After all, this is maneuvering. This can be a nightmare for some people.  To prevent this from happening, make sure that you park properly with your driving school. If you don’t want to have problems with this difficult but important issue, then you need to practice a lot.

8 – Practice The Intersections To Pass Your Driving Test Easier

Intersections are the terrifying dream of drivers wishing to obtain a driver’s license. Because mistakes are very often made here and accidents usually happen at intersections. Here you can easily fail your exam. Because many people drive faster here without looking at intersections. If someone has priority from the right, you have to keep an eye on it. And of course reduce your speed and give priority in time.

9-Arrive Early

Before you have your exam make sure you have everything ready. Such as ID, invitation card and self-reflection form. You need to show that you are ready for the exam by going to the area where the exam will take place early. Ask your driving school to pick you up. If you are late, you will be notified that you will not be able to take the exam. In that case, you need to start at the beginning.


10-Calm Down Before The Driving Test

The most crucial point to pass the exam is the stress. Because many candidates who can’t keep up their stress are forced to retake the driving exam. Try to stay calm during your exam. This is easy to say and I know it. But at least try to go to bed earlier before your exam. Don’t think too much and pass your driving test . And pro tip: Eat a banana, that helps 😉