This is how a Dutch driving test goes at CBR in The Netherlands

practical exam

Before taking the driving test, you must have passed your theory exam first. It is important to be well prepared for your exam at CBR. In agreement with your instructor, you decide the possibilities to apply for a driving exam. Before you can get a date, you also have to get a health certificate. These are the questions that you need to fill in. Besides that, you also have to give permission to your driving school. So they can book an exam for you. You do this by authorizing your driving school through CBR. You can here read more about how to authorize your driving school

The driving test

Before getting started you need to know these tips:

  • Be on Time! Try to arrive 15 minutes before the exam
  • You can take the driving test from the age of 17. Attention! From the age of 17 you can take the exam. Have you passed your exam? Then you can ride with a Supervisercard (you can get this card from RDW) between the age of 17 and 18.
  • Before the exam you have to identify yourself. Just take your valid ID or Passport with you.
  • Examiner will ask for an eye test. Really simple you just need to read a license plate at a distance of 25 meters.
  • Examiner will ask technical questions about the car. This can take place outside the car or inside the car. Standard questions, such as:
    – What do all the lights on the car’s dashboard mean?
    – How do your fog lights work?
    – How much bar pressure should your tires have?
    – How do you check the oil level?

From here you start driving the car. You need to complete these tasks:

The driver starts his car (don’t forget the handbrake) and drives off slowly for a drive of about 35 minutes. Do not try to drive perfectly, NO ONE is perfect and everyone makes a mistake during the driving test. A large part of the test drive will be driven independently and about 10 minutes on the navigation in the car. The examiner will let the driver go his own way, the driver should not hesitate to make his own choices; decisiveness is 1 of the parts to be tested.
While driving the examiner pays attention to:

Control over the car.
Insight into safety.
Giving right of way.
Viewing behavior

Next, part of the drive will also be driven on the examiner’s instructions. During this time, tests are performed, such as

  • Independent route driving. You need to drive with a GPS (navigation) for about 10 minutes during your driving test.
  • Driving on a highway, intersections, and roundabouts
  • Special maneuvers:
    Reversing in a straight line,
    2. Reversing into a curve,
    3. Reverse parking,
    4. Parallel parking,
    3 point U-turn
    6. U-turn,
    Letting the car accelerate on a hill.
    If you did the Interim test and you got your exemptions then you don’t need to do the special maneuvers.

We also recommend that you remain calm at all times.

Be prepared to take your driving test


Drive confidently and don’t be afraid of your examiner. We are all humans and we can make mistakes. Try to solve the mistakes SAFELY. Look far ahead for other road users and adjust your speed if necessary. Don’t make a big problem in your head if you fail. Take enough driving lessons, practice all the parts well and only take the exam when you think you’re ready for it. If you have any doubts, be sure to ask your driving instructor.

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