How long does it take to get your driver’s license?

how fast you can get driver license

A question that almost everyone who wants to go for their driver’s license will ask themselves. How long does it actually take you to get there? That varies greatly from person to person, how fast you learn, how good your concentration is but also, for example, already having a scooter or motorcycle license can play a role. In many cases, you already have an advantage if you already have another license. You have then already learned the basics about how to look and how to behave safely on public roads.

The average number of driving lessons

According to the CBR’s survey of 2019 exam candidates, the average number of hours of lessons for getting a driver’s license is about 39 hours. That included people who had done it in only 15 hours, which is really low. And people who had had 90 hours of lessons before they passed their exam. So it really varies enormously and no student is the same. That’s why finding a good driving school is really important. Your instructor can work with you to estimate how many lessons you will need and whether a test is advisable. You can see what the cost of your driving license is going to be. In addition, if you have a good rapport with your instructor, you are more likely to learn faster during your lessons because you are more relaxed.

How often can you take classes?

How long it takes you to get your driver’s license of course also depends on how often you can take lessons. If you can take driving lessons three times a week, you build up hours and experience on the road much faster than when you can only take lessons once a week. It is important that you take driving lessons regularly, because you will learn faster. It may happen that you have to cancel a lesson or interrupt your lessons, but do not wait too long to pick up your lessons again. If you interrupt your lessons too long, the level may drop again.
If you actively follow your driving lessons every week, pass your theory exam on time and apply for your driving test, you can get your driving license within 6 months. Of course, it can be longer or shorter. If you want to go faster you can apply for a speeding course.

Waiting times at CBR

The CBR has long waiting times these days. This is because there are many exams to catch up on. It is therefore important to apply for your exam or intermediate test on time, preferably as soon as you start your lessons. Last summer, these waiting times could be as long as 20 weeks. The CBR hopes that in the coming months these waiting times will drop to between 11 and 15 weeks.

It is important to know that because of the large number of exams that need to be made up, the CBR can temporarily decide not to administer interim tests and fear of failure exams anymore (this can change). It is therefore, useful to ask your driving school if this applies to your driving lessons.

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