How to authorize your Dutch driving school

authorize driving school

In order to authorize your driving school, you must first log in to My CBR. In order to login, you need Digid.

Cbr uses Digid to check if it is really you. Because you will be registered so they can check your identity. It is useful to have. Because you also need Digid at other organizations. It is between system to get into my Cbr.


We made a very simple video for you. So you can easily see how to authorize your driving school. But for the people who still want to read we will explain how to do it.

Why do you have to authorize my driving school?

In order to be able to do a driving test or interim test, your driving school needs to book a date for you via CBR. In order to get your details, you need to give permission to your driving school. So they can search for dates and book it. Only your driving school can do this for you.

How to do it?

    • Log in to my CBR
    • Choose right above ”English”
    • Authorize your trainer
    • Here you can choose for theory or driving so in this case ”autorise for a driving test”
    • Choose the category in this case ”Car”
    • You have to mark all options
    • Now you can choose searching by name or number of your driving school.
    • After filling that find the trainer and continue
    • Check if everything is filled in correctly and click on authorizeYou can authorize your driving school in two ways. You can do this by searching for the name of your driving school or by using a driving school number which is easier to do.

After filling in your details you will receive a confirmation. Your driving school will receive the same confirmation.  With this confirmation your examiner can check if you are at the right driving school during your exam. Because your exam takes place in the same car with which you take driving lessons.


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Because professional help in any sector involves professionalism, it is necessary to get help from driving schools. The driving courses will inform you about any subject, especially the driving exam, while you obtain your driving license, and will give you a driving license in a short period of time. Our driver training, which guarantees success, prevents you from having problems obtaining your driver’s license. For all kinds of detailed information, please contact our driving school Rotterdam.


In this short video we showed how it should be done

Step by step explanation to make it as easy as possible. Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us
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