From what age can you start with driving lessons?

age driving lessons

It used to be that you had to be 18 to start your car driving license. In recent years, these rules have been made more flexible and you may start a lot earlier than 18 years! Namely, from the moment you are 16.5 years you can already start taking driving lessons.

When can you start your theory?

From the moment you are 16 years old, you may already start with your theory and take the theory exam for the automobile at the CBR. If you pass your theory exam at this age, it is then valid for 1.5 years.

When can you take driving lessons?

When you are 16,5 years old you can start your first driving lesson. You may from this age also do an interim test. A test is a kind of trial exam to see in what areas your driving skills can be improved and how you perform during a CBR exam with an examiner. Because many people suffer from healthy tension, but sometimes also unhealthy tension.

When can I take my practical test for the car?

You may not take your practical test for your car driving license until you are 17 years old. Even if you are ready for the exam earlier, you are not allowed to take it earlier. If you pass your car practice at 17, you apply for your driver’s license. But keep in mind that you may only drive with a coach next to you until you are 18. A coach is someone close to you that you can choose, but they must meet a few expectations. Your coaches must be listed on your Companion Pass, which you can apply for at the RDW. From the moment you turn 18, you may then drive on the road alone, without a coach. On the website of, you can find all the information about being accompanied on the road together with a coach. An additional condition of the CBR for the practical exam is that you must be healthy and capable of driving.
For this, you need to fill out your health statement on time and send it to the CBR. Sometimes you need to see a medical specialist or take a driving test at the CBR, and this takes extra time. Therefore, always send this statement as soon as possible when you start your driving lessons.

What are the requirements that a coach must meet?

You may appoint a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 coaches to accompany you while driving until you turn 18. A coach must have a valid driving license and be at least 27 years old. Registration is free through the website of the RDW and once your coaches are registered you can apply for the names of the coaches. Do you want to be on the road before you turn 18 with someone who is not on your coach card? Then apply for a new one

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