Passed your driving test in the Netherlands. Now what?

Passed your driving test

Getting your driver’s license is one of the most important moments in everyone’s life. The moment of passing is therefore a wonderful moment, you have passed your driving test but what comes next? In this article we will talk about what to do after you have passed your driving test. Let’s start right away!

Passed your driving test, here is what you need to know

Once you have passed your practical exam you are of course eligible for your driving license. But the license is not just delivered to you, first you have to apply for your license! This can be done at your local municipality. It is important that you do not wait too long to apply for your license, because the health certificate from the CBR is only valid for one year, and the results of your practical exam are valid for 3 years at the most. When applying for your license, it is important to bring a color passport photo, a valid ID and money (you can also use debit cards).

After applying, it usually takes around 5 working days to make the actual pass. You must then pick up your license in person at the city hall in Rotterdam (depends on where you live) within 3 months. After all this hassle it’s finally time to drive! Please note that you can’t drive until you have your license card!

Driving license has arrived! Now what?

After applying for and receiving your license, it’s finally time for the real thing, driving! When buying your first car, make sure it’s easy to drive, because as lovely as some old timers are, they are tricky to drive and that’s often not suitable for people who just got their license.

Also pay attention when you go out into traffic on your own for the first time, you will find out soon enough that the real thing without an instructor in your own car is always a bit different than what you are used to so far. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to real traffic soon enough. There’s no one in the car to do any more braking. But it is important to stay focused at all times! For the rest, it’s a matter of implementing what you’ve learned in driving lessons, however appealing it may sometimes be to skip certain things, driving lessons are there for a reason and it’s therefore important that you remember what you’ve learned at all times!

Please note that when you are 17 and you have passed your driving test, you are not yet allowed to drive on your own! You may already apply for your driver’s license, but at all times a capable companion (2todrive) must be present in the car with you while you drive.

So all in all, you are not done yet when you have passed your driving test at the CBR. You then still have to go through the procedure of applying for your driver’s license and you have to pick it up independently at the city hall. Then it’s time for the real thing! Always be careful in traffic and you will be fine!

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