A Fear of Failure driving test at the CBR, what is it?

Fear of Failure driving test

Do you have a fear of failure? Or maybe you are extremely nervous when it comes to tests or exams? Then don’t let this stop you from getting your driver’s license! Especially for you, the CBR has a so-called “Fear of Failure Driving Test”, but what does that mean exactly? And what is different from a regular driving test? In this article, we take you into the world of the exam, and explain everything you need to know!

What is a Fear of Failure driving exam?

First of all, we’re going to look at what a fear of failure driving exam actually is. The name gives enough of a heads up, but how is this exam set up differently than a regular exam? And how do these changes help against your nerves? For starters, you will be assigned a specially trained examiner, this examiner is trained to guide people with fear of failure. He will reassure you and make you feel at ease so that all your nerves will slide right off! Besides a trained examiner, you get for the exam significantly more time, 1 hour and 20 minutes in total, of which only 35 minutes are spent on the test drive!

The remaining time is used to calmly explain everything to you and to take away your nerves. One of the biggest deviations from the regular exam is the possibility to request a time out. Extra time is set aside for this as well, and such a time-out is meant to stop if the stress becomes too great. This helps with nerves since you no longer feel like you have to do it perfectly in one sitting! Of course, candidates who take the fear of failure driving exam should have the same skills as people who take the regular exam! It is similar to a BNOR exam

High pass rates

Now that we know what a fear of failure exam actually entails, we can start to examine whether these measures really have an effect. When we look at the pass rates of the fear of failure driving exam versus that of the regular exam, we do see an effect! In the standard driving test we see that almost half of the candidates pass, in the driving test this percentage is much higher, almost 60%! But is this really because of the measures?

A large part will certainly be due to the measures, but experts also say that candidates with fear of failure generally prepare better than their regular equivalents, because they really want to get rid of it in one go. But if we look at the reviews on the CBR’s site, we see that the measures do have an effect, and that the atmosphere surrounding a driving test is very calm and comfortable!

A fear of failure driving test may be the solution for you! If you suffer from fear of failure or extreme nerves, it certainly can not hurt to take a look at the site of the CBR, if only for the significantly higher success rates! So if you are already trembling at the thought of a driving test, the CBR has thought of you! Thanks for reading, and good luck on the road to your license!

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