How to choose the best driving school

Choose the best driving school

It’s actually quite simple, nowadays you have a lot of options where you can take your driving lessons from. So competition is very high which makes it difficult to choose the best driving school.  Of course that makes it difficult but competition isn’t bad. Because of that the quality is always improving so you can get more out of your driving lessons.

A lot of people think driving school in Rotterdam with the highest pass rate is the best. But is that really the case? Do we always have to look at the pass rate if we want to drive at the best driving school in Rotterdam? The answer to your question is yes and no.

Why is the pass percentage  not important?

You shouldn’t just look at the success rate to choose the best driving school. If we look at the success percentage at a driving school in Rotterdam it is very simple to make a calculation whether it is worthwhile to take driving lessons there. You may wonder that the pass rate is very high and that you would like to take driving lessons there and that it would be best for you. In practice that is unfortunately not the case. Passing rate does not mean that a school is very good because it does not say how many lessons a student has taken on average. Let’s say that the success rate is between 80 and 90 percent. In the light of the figures you would decide that this is a very good school. But suppose an average student takes 90 lessons ( National average is between 36-40 lessons). Then it is logical that the success rate is so high.

So conclusion is: Average student must take a lot of lessons so that the driving school gets a high success rate.

What do you have to look at?

Driving schools that have a balance between passing and average lessons.

What we want to say with this is that a driving school Rotterdam must have a reasonably high success rate and students must not have taken many driving lessons. This way you can find out if it is worth taking driving lessons there or not. We always try to have a balance between lessons and the number of successes per year. Because of this we have the best quality driving lessons. You can take your driving lessons with us and increase the chance to get your driver’s license with us at once. We do our best to make sure you don’t lose a lot of money and still get a lot out of your lessons (check our prices). We will give you the best advice and feedback that will help you a lot. That makes us professional and qualitative.


But how to choose the best driving school?

Biggest driving school does not mean that they are the best. Before you start the lessons you need to do some good research. One of them is to look at the reviews of the driving school. You don’t have to go crazy here of course. Overall look at what people say about the driving school is enough. It is best to look at google reviews or reviews that have been put on Trustpilot. Via the link you can also check our reviews.

Contact your driving school and ask what the possibilities are. See if they speak English fluently and if they are understandable. It is important that you understand your driving instructor. Carefully read the above examples and start researching.