Refresher Course – When should you do it?

Refresher Course

Have you noticed that you have lost your confidence behind the wheel? Or do you take the car less often because of fear of possible accidents, or difficulties? Then a refresher course might be for you! In this article we take you through the world of refresher courses, when do you need them, and what does it involve? So that you can get back in the car as soon as possible with confidence and safety!

Have the courage to drive

With the car in traffic can be complicated, unclear, and sometimes even dangerous situations it is not at all surprising that as you get older or less often in the car the confidence slowly disappears. It can sometimes be a huge threshold to re-enter the busy and confusing world of traffic! Or perhaps the situation is quite different, maybe you are planning to accompany a 17-year-old in his first year of driving, and you want to be sure again how everything works. You may want to want to drive at night again or drive in winter weather. In all these cases, doing a course might be the solution for you! Driving School OMW, offers refresher course packages for low prices, so you can be on the road again in no time, full of confidence, and with new knowledge!

What is a refresher course?

Sounds good, but what exactly is a refresher course? Packages vary from driving school to driving school, but in general, a course consists of a set of driving lessons where you go on the road with an experienced instructor and go over everything again. All basic components such as parking, highway driving, mirror adjustment, etc. are covered again. Because a refresher course is purely for yourself, and therefore not tied to an exam, there is extreme room for personalization and details. For example, you can usually explain the driving school where your fears or problems lie so that you can practice specifically those parts of driving again. This means that instructors can go into much more detail and therefore focus on the actual driving rather than on getting you ready for the practical exam!

What are the costs?

Depending on the number of lessons you take, and at which driving school you do this, the price of a refresher course is between €400 and €500. For this money, you spend between 10 and 15 hours of total lesson time. Of course, it can be more or less, it depends on what you need. This can be established with your instructor during the driving lessons.

Keep on driving

A course is a way to put your fears aside and find pleasure in the car again. Which is of course essential for everyday life! A refresher course will be one of the most effective driving lessons you’ve ever had. Because of the opportunities to go into endless details, because of the lack of an exam. Long story short, a small price to pay to get over all your fears and drastically simplify your daily life! Thanks for reading, and good luck with your driving lessons!

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