I failed driving test, now what?

failed driving test

It can happen to anyone. You have tried so hard but still did not pass. Do not be discouraged and remember that you are not the only one to who this happens. A retake is perfectly normal, but a little disappointing.

Okay, you weren’t one of those lucky bastards who proudly passed his test at attempt one, but now you know exactly where to focus your efforts so that you will do better next time. This way you can learn from the mistakes made during the exam and make sure you can practice the mistakes made to the last detail.

Learn from your mistakes

Whether you have failed a driving test 7 or 10 times, the most important thing is that you learn from the mistakes you make. Be critical and look at where you went wrong during your driving test. Discuss with your instructor whether this also came back in the lessons and go to work with it by practicing until it goes without a hitch.

Talk with your instructor

No, it is not nice that you failed, but it is important to get over it and put your shoulders to the wheel. Talk to your instructor about when you can continue with your driving lessons and schedule a new exam. It is important that you do not give up.

Discuss your feedback from the exam

After the exam, you will receive an exam form and a self-reflection form. On this form, you will find exactly which parts you scored insufficiently on the exam. Now you know exactly where you need to improve in the next driving lessons so you will succeed next time.

How soon can I drive (re-examination)?

The CBR has determined that there should be at least two weeks between a test and a re-examination. In practice, because of the waiting lists of the CBR and the situation surrounding the Coronavirus, you will have to wait a little longer for your re-examination. It is therefore important to schedule it as soon as possible when you have failed your driving test.

If you failed your exam due to dangerous traffic behavior, you can only retake it after 6 weeks.

Make sure you are well rested for your re-exam

It seems obvious but it has a big impact on your performance whether you have slept enough or not. Make sure you are optimally equipped for your re-exam by getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night in the days before. Make sure you do something fun with friends that allows you to put the exam aside for a while. And make sure you have eaten well. All three of these things will affect your performance and responsiveness during your exam. A little tip; eat a banana before you drive to the CBR. These promote the ability to concentrate.

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